AFPM Introduces “Private Lounge Content Sessions” at the Summit

A new form of education is being offered at the AFPM’s inaugural in-person Summit in a couple weeks. AFPM has partnered with our supplier companies to host an afternoon of non-stop action in a number of smaller breakout rooms on our opening day, Tuesday, October 18, in addition to our regular programming. Our industry partners will offer presentations and demos of the latest technologies they have to offer in an intimate environment conducive to interaction and discussion. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. We accept on-site registrations. Here is the latest Private Lounge Schedule with their hosts.

ABS Group – Bonham E, 3rd floor
1:00 pm Digital Twin Technology: How Practical Application Can Solve the Data Puzzle in Your Operation
2:30 pm The Reality of Digitalization: OT Cybersecurity in the Era of Automation
4:00 pm Quantitative Risk Assessments in Facility Siting:How to Evaluate Employee Risk
AFPM Immersive Learning – Travis B, 3rd floor
3:30 pm AFPM Fired Heater Virtual Reality Demonstration
AFPM Walk the Line (WTL) – Travis A, 3rd floor
12:30 pm Walk the Line Model Demonstration
4:30 pm Walk the Line Toolbox and AFPM Safety Portal Demonstration
Chevron Lummus Global – Crockett A, 4th floor
12:30 pm Maximizing Hydroprocessing Performance with ISOMIX-e® Internals
1:30 pm Enabling the 21st Century Energy Transition with Innovative Integrated Solutions to Sustainable & Renewable Products
2:30 pm Application of Hydroprocessing for Premium Base Oils and Renewable Products
3:30 pm Direct Conversion of Permian Crudes to Chemicals
Elessent Clean Technologies – Bonham C, 3rd floor
1:30 pm IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology: Increasing Operational Efficiency in the Energy Transition
4:30 pm Pre-Scrubbing for FCC Carbon Capture
HASC – Travis C, 3rd floor
12:30 pm Leveraging Technology in Occupational Health
1:30 pm Improving Contractor Onboarding – Better, Cheaper, Faster
2:30 pm Virtual Reality (VR) in Adult Education
3:30 pm LEAD: Turnaround Leadership
Honeywell – Mission A, 2nd floor
3:30 pm Live Demonstration of AI, VR, ML Applications to Enhance Workforce Training and Skill Development
Johnson Matthey – Crockett C, 4th floor
12:30 pm Transition to net zero: steps to decarbonize the refining industry
1:15 pm Increase C4 olefin yield and selectivity
2:00 pm FCC Chemistry
3:00 pm Optimizing CO promoter and regenerator coke combustion
4:00 pm Best practices in SOx additive use
Leica Geosystems Inc. – Independence, 3rd floor
1:30 pm Autonomous 3D Reality Capture for Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
3:00 pm Autonomous 3D Reality Capture for Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
4:30 pm Autonomous 3D Reality Capture for Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
Technip Energies – Seguin B, 4th floor
1:00 pm Hydrogen Plant: Training Simulator
2:30 pm FCC Turnarounds: Planning & Inspection
4:00 pm Hydrogen Plant: Training Simulator
Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions – Mission B, 2nd floor
2:30 pm Best Practices to Face the Challenges of Processing Renewable Fuels
3:30 pm Sustainability Solutions through Desalter Brine Source Control